agatha crusty and the pantomime murders

December 2021

a comedy thriller by Derek Webb

directed by Lynne Yates and Bill Horsley

Crime novelist and amateur detective, Agatha Crusty (pronounced ‘croosty’), returns! This time she’s in the town of Giglinton arriving a week early for it’s annual Book Festival. But her appearance seems fortuitous as the members of the local Am Dram club start to drop (literally, from great heights!) dead.

The police accept that they are dealing with murders, not accidents, and – thanks to information supplied by a member of the group – they make an arrest. But it is not a decision which Agatha accepts and she sets out to prove who the real murderer is.

Of course, being an Agatha Crusty murder mystery, there are laughs a plenty as the bodies pile up but this is also a genuine mystery with an ingenious plot to tax the your grey cells at the same time!




Performance dates

Thur 2nd December 7.30pm
Fri 3rd December 7.30pm
Sat 4th December 7.30pm



Adults £8
Under 18 £3

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Agatha Crusty and the Pantomime Murders:

Thursday 2nd December 7.30pm

Agatha Crusty and the Pantomime Murders:

Friday 3rd December 7.30pm

Agatha Crusty and the Pantomime Murders:

Saturday 4th December 7.30pm

*Some cast members may not be shown here and cast may be changed without notice