Presenting An Evening of Two One-Act Plays

June 2021

lockdown in little grimley

a comedy by David Tristram

directed by Lynne Yates and Bill Horsley

In a time of lockdown, Gordon – the Chairman of Little Grimley’s amdram society – calls an emergency meeting (complete with social distancing) to discuss his idea for their next production when restrictions ease: a touching love story set in a hospital, with all profits destined for the NHS. But based on their previous efforts, will the NHS actually end up worse off? Will Margaret get to wear her leopard skin Armani face mask? Will Joyce’s dyslexic eye cope with all that medical terminology? And who keeps stealing the toilet roll?!



a lttle box of oblivion

an absurd one-act play by Stephen Bean

directed by Lynne Yates and Bill Horsley

A lovely spring day in the park is interrupted by the appearance of a box that cannot be moved, knocked, tilted or opened. A series of motley characters begin to theorise, in their own hilarious ways, about what might be lurking inside the mysterious object! From Government warnings to Mafia killings – who is responsible for it’s contents and is the public safe?!




Performance dates

Thur 10th June 7.30pm
Fri 11th June 7.30pm
Sat 12th June 7.30pm



Adults £8
Under 18 £3

Due to COVID resrictions, there will be a maximum of 80 tickets per performance which will only be available online on a first come first served basis.

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*Some cast members may not be shown here and cast may be changed without notice